I9-9900K Bargain

You can pickup the processor for a bargain of a price on Overclockers here

At the time of writing an epic £449.99! If you were in the market for upgrading or making a new build this would be a great buy for you.

You could pair it with this motherboard the ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390 1151 which is also on offer just over £220!

Or you could go for the GIGABYTE version Z390 AORUS Ultra Z390 1151 version which again retails at just over £200.

A lovely cooler to keep everything chilly is this £120 Corsair H150i

RAM to suit would to start with could be these 2 X 8GB sticks of 3000MHZ DD4 from Corsair for only £59.99! If you had the money to begin with you could even jump at their 4 X 16GB sticks for only £250 and 3200MHZ!

1TB NVMe to keep your operating system and data on for only £105.99 from Corsair, the drive boasts (3,480MB/sec sequential read, 3,000MB/s write).

Cooler Master have a sale on their 650W Gold 80+ PSU £59.99 delivered.

Combine the above with the 2070 with two FREE GAMES! via Box this week £329.99 for the card and two games is amazing!

Depending what route you take you can have an i9 9900K build paired with a 2070, 16GB RAM DDR4 3000MHZ, Gigabyte Z390 motherboard, Corsair H150i, 1TB NVMe plus your power supply 650W+ delivered for just under £1299 with delivery and VAT.