Using Alternative DNS

This is a Windows 10 based tutorial but it likely can be replicated to old versions of Windows easily. DNS or Domain Name System – is a massive phonebook basically, of all the computers in the world, when you type into your browser for example your browser goes to the DNS specified normally by […]

I9-9900K Bargain

You can pickup the processor for a bargain of a price on Overclockers here At the time of writing an epic £449.99! If you were in the market for upgrading or making a new build this would be a great buy for you. You could pair it with this motherboard the ASUS ROG Maximus XI […]

Free Hosting?

Yeah you heard me, FREE hosting – available for only $0.00, yep free. Checkout – if you need a quick hosting platform for your website until you’ve got funds to continue your journey then this is the host for you. You get two MYSQL databases if you require them but there are database limitations […]

North East 7 Days

As well as the Rust Server we do have a 7 Days to Die server going now, you can search it up in the browser list and connect or join our Discord if you have any issues finding it. If you have any suggestions at for new plugins or the next seed etc then get […]

North East Rusty

We’ve got a Rust server going if you’d like to join then search up “North East Rusty Official” in the server browser, join our Discord too! The load in time is a bit long as this month we’ve picked a 6000 map size so you might be looking at 1-2 minutes load in or longer, […]