We’ve got a Rust server going if you’d like to join then search up “North East Rusty Official” in the server browser, join our Discord too!

The load in time is a bit long as this month we’ve picked a 6000 map size so you might be looking at 1-2 minutes load in or longer, apologies for that!

There are a few plugins that you might want to note the use of

Extended Backpack – to enable this once you are in the game hit F1 then type “bind b backpack.open” and hit the return key then ESC to return to the game, now when you hit the B key your larger backpack will open.

Teleport to your corpse – players if required have a maximum 5 teleports per day to their corpse, to use this when you’ve died respawn first then type in the chat “/where tp” this will teleport you to your last corpse, you can also use “/where” once you’ve ran out of teleports to give you a general idea of where you died.

Skip Night, each night about 6pm you’ll get the chance to vote to skip night, half the server needs to vote for it to be successful, just type “/voteday” in the chat and your vote will be counted.

Horse on demand? You can spawn a horse in wherever you’d like at any time with no limits, just type “/horse” in the chat while looking at a clear piece of land and your horse will spawn! Remember to feed them!

Player list – you can type “/players” to view players without having to SHIFT, TAB using the Steam players option.

Apart from that there are a few more plugins enabled but won’t need any interaction from yourself when playing such as

Wounded Screams – allows players to scream out when they’ve been injured

Stack Size Controller – some stacks have been increased

Quick Smelt – is available to allow faster smelting

Night Lanterns – when night comes your base fire/lamps activate

Instant Craft – allows almost instant crafting of items

Furnace Splitter – automatically splits the best way for smelting

Enhanced Hammer – allows you to easily upgrade parts of bases

Cars – there are cars spawned around the map – drivable

Lighthouse Beacons are turned on, at night lighthouses will emit light to be more realistic

Information panel is active, a small player HUD is displayed while you play. Inbound is a plugin that displays when locked crates arrive, helicopters come out and air drops etc.

Death Notes, see who or what killed you and allow other players to see also.

If you have any suggestions for more plugins or the removal of any then do let us know in the Discord! Thanks for reading.

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